FRICTION (The Resistance)

Fact or Friction (Eitherway You Get The Truth)

The Essence of Hip-Hop has pumped thru my veins, since the very first time my ears heard Run DMC "Sucka Emcee". Not knowing personally how the addiction of drugs takes over a persons mind, body & soul....but for me Hip-Hop was like a missing Strand of the "DNA" Dbl Helix crafted in a melodic frequency for a generation to rise from oppression using the most truthful form of expression that the world had ever seen!! As a StrongIsland native, I was able to see first hand the power this musical genre had to organize the masses as Chuck D & Public Enemy performed what is considered by many the greatest Hip-Hop song ever "Fight The Power". Rakim (Allah) being a supreme lyricist & introducing new rhyme schemes raised the bar (Literally) & gave birth to a new generation of Emcees. From these & many other Legendary Hip-Hop Artist my Foundation was poured solid & it is on their foundation that I carry on tradition of speaking truth to power. "FRICTION" the name in itself gives me my focus,strength & mission. The Acronym stands for (F)oreva (R)esisting (I)njustice & (C)hallenging (T)ruths (I)n order to (O)verthrow (N)ations . Psychologist say the hardest thing on Earth to do is to change someones mind once it has already been made up. So to speak the truth to our parents/grandparents & to get them to reason with the facts of how the world is being run to effect change for our future is like fighting an uphill battle pushing a tank which ran out of gas. But If you teach a new generation whose minds are open using the most powerful weapon we have to influence them (Hip-Hop) which is now global we stop the chain of ignorance being passed down from generation to generation & a new world can come into existence based on truth,justice & equality & free from oppression. It's time to take Hip-Hop back to it's original path of being the voice of the voiceless & Change the World!!!